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The Stock Footage Map - spatial aerial video search

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  • The Footage Map is a completely new way to find aerial stock footage from over 12,000 places in 4 continents
  • Each place has a ‘Microclip’ – a short montage video – which you can view by clicking on the marker
  • Search the map, or use a combination of map and text search to find what you need
  • Wikipedia keywording makes the Footage Map an effective tool for research
  • All aerial stock footage is filmed by Skyworks, using the cineflex stabilised camera system
  • A link on each Microclip takes you to a selection of our stock footage which you can license for your project
  • Scroll down to check out the FAQs for hints and tips to get the most out of the Skyworks Stock Footage Map
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Tips & FAQs


You can pan and zoom on the map (using the mouse wheel) to find the place you want.

An orange dot shows that we have a ‘Microclip’™ of footage of that place – mouse over to see the title of the clip. The text box allows you to enter text which will find clips where the clip name or wikipedia summary contains that term. Note that this is not infallible!

Try entering ‘UNESCO’ and you will see all the locations we have filmed where the word ‘UNESCO’ appears in the title or Wikipedia summary – there MAY be other locations we have filmed which are UNESCO sites, but where the word does not appear in the wiki summary.

If you are looking for a generic term (say ‘castles’), then try entering ‘castle’ in the text box. This will give you a good selection. Text search only searches our clips, not the map data, so it won’t help you find somewhere we haven’t filmed!

Microlips™ are short edited videos of each place. They generally start with a wide shot, then feature some detail shots, before pulling out to show the general area. Each one is between 20 seconds and 90 seconds long. Microlips™ only show some of the footage we have of that location.

The content may have been filmed over several visits, and often a Microlip™ will be made of over 6 individual shots.

Where a Microclip™ title is called ‘Flight …’, this means that it is a single, unedited clip. Our content in the Footage Map is lightly color corrected only.

All the content on the Footage Map may be licensed for your use.

To find out more about this, including prices, just click on the link in any Microlip™ which will take you to our archive site. The link will search for any relevant clips from that location, which you can then review at your leisure. You can also contact us using the contact form, and we can find specific footage for you and cut, grade and deliver it to you in pretty much any format you can imagine.

All the footage on this site is filmed by Skyworks – one of the world’s leading aerial production companies. Our footage has been used in everything from websites to feature films, and is often seen on broadcast television.

The Footage Map is in beta, and despite our best efforts, there may be some errors.

While we cannot accept responsibility for the consequences of any of these, we would be grateful if you could use the error form to point any out and we will correct them as soon as possible.

You can access the error report form here or from the button on the map itself. Thanks in advance for helping us make the Footage Map as accurate as possible.